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Northwest Medieval Project

Posted June 5th, 2015

Chasing a childhood dream of connecting my fellow Pacific Northwesterners with opportunities to learn about   the Middle Ages, I have begun work on the Northwest Medieval Project (NMP), an NMP logoeducational website intended to explore the study and creative expression of medieval and Renaissance histories in Oregon and Washington. The website blog will feature interviews, reviews, event highlights, and similar content. Eventually I would like NMP to evolve into an organization dedicated to promoting medieval and Renaissance studies locally.

As I search for relevant content for the website, I am discovering a wealth of cultural resources that I did not know existed, and I am increasingly excited to engage with them. For instance, I have identified 14 organizations and businesses specializing in early music and 11 focused on historical European martial arts, and my search has just begun. I only hope that I can arrange the content in a way that enables visitors to make use of it, because website organization is a new science to me and there will undoubtedly be a lot of pages!

The website is currently under lock and key while I design and write content, but late this summer or fall I hope to unveil You may also find NMP on Facebook, but most of my updates will be on The Mercenary Pen, LLC page until the website is ready for showtime.

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